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The BibRave Bonus Mile: Bend Road Trip

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We’re excited to share our 3rd edition of The BibRave Bonus Mile: Bend Road Trip Edition, sponsored by our wonderful partners at KT Tape. In this episode, Tim and Jess wander 3 hours south of Portland to explore Bend, Oregon – home of numerous world-class elite athletes. Full interviews with Ian Sharman, Stephanie Howe Violett, and Lauren Fleshman & Jesse Thomas came out over the past few weeks prior, and in the Bonus Mile we give you the behind-the-scenes look at our road trip and the lives of some of the athletes.

We start discussing the lives of the elites and road trips in general. Then we have some fun with Steph and Ian before getting an exciting story from Ian’s wife, Amy, about how they met on Myspace (remember that!). We then explore local Bend training and recovery facility – Recharge – before ending with a sneak peek inside the lives of Lauren and Jesse.

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Show Notes:


For those digging the sweet ukulele intro music, that comes to us from the talented musician and running coach, Matt Flaherty. Check out his site for more audio goodness!

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