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Meet Team BibRave – Julia

Hello! It’s been so fun getting to know everyone in the BibRave/#BibChat community over the last four years, so we wanted to help you get to know us a bit more. To that end, we asked each member of Team BibRave to answer a few questions about themselves and their running history. If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

  1. My main running goal for this 2017 is/was…
    My goals going into 2017 were to PR the Half Marathon ✅ and break 3 hours in the Marathon ✅. My current goal is to spend more time running trails for the remainder of the year.
  2. My running shoes are…
    Currently, I’m running in New Balance 1400v4 for roads and Nike Terra Kiger 4 on trails. But, I’m in the market for something new. Any recos?
  3. My total number of races completed (by distance). Break it down!
    Oy! I’ve never done this before… good thing for BibRave.com (follow me)! 50K (1), 26.2 (7), 13.1 (~19), 10M (4), 15K (4), 10K (2), 5K (~8), XC (4), 70.3 (1), Sprint Tri (2)
  4. My PR/PBs are…
    50K (3:54), 26.2 (2:58), 13.1 (1:22), 15K (58:00), 5K (18:36)
  5. My favorite races are…
    The Chicago Marathon will forever be my favorite race. It was my first Marathon, and I spent 28/29 years living in that city. Every single inch of that course brings back some sort of memory from the people and places that influenced my love of the sport, and reminds me of my friends and family that always supported my crazy addiction.
  6. My playlist screenshot:
    The Marathon Playlist, FTW! This is a Spotify playlist I’ve been creating since 2013. It has every upbeat song I can think of. Before every big race, I update the playlist on my shuffle to include the new songs I’ve added throughout that training cycle. Newest addition is T Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do.” I hate myself a little for loving this song as much as I do.
  7. My favorite motivational/inspirational quote and/or running mantra?
    “Whatever you are be a good one” – Abe Lincoln 1978388_10100782457186521_1821519292_o
  8. The lessons I’ve learned from running are…
    Running taught me to be confident and take control of my destiny. I get back what I put in when it comes to life and running. I’m fortunate enough for the opportunity to be and do whatever I want.
  9. My 3-5 most inspiring people are…

– My dad he’s overcome drug addiction, gave up smoking after 50 years, and has been battling cancer completely on his own. For real, the guy takes 3 city buses to get to chemo every week. Tough as nails!

– Deena Kastor – badass, down-to-earth woman who’s done incredible things for women in sport.

Lauren Fleshman + Jesse Thomas = #lifepoints

  1. Two goals on the horizon for me are…
    To break 18 in the 5k, break 1:20 in the Half, break 2:55 then 2:50 in the Marathon. 😱

9 comments on “Meet Team BibRave – Julia

  1. Omg Julia! You’re so awesome and your dad is tough as nails. Holy crap.


  2. Loved learning a little bit about you, Julia! You are such a speedy runner! My hero!!


  3. The Swag Mama

    Wow, Congrats to your dad! He sounds like a fighter! You are one speedy lady! And Shake It by Metro Station is also one of my fave running songs! Lol


  4. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    You rock, Julia! I don’t have a Spotify account but now I want to make one so I can check out your playlist! I absolutely love “Look What You Made Me Do”! #noshame


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