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Meet Team BibRave – Co-Founder Jessica

Hello! It’s been so fun getting to know everyone in the BibRave/#BibChat community over the last four years, so we wanted to help you get to know us a bit more. To that end, we asked each member of Team BibRave to answer a few questions about themselves and their running history. If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

  1. My main running goal for this 2017 is/was…
    I decided mid-Spring to try for another Marathon PR. I thought I might take a year off from attempts, but apparently I’m a glutton for punishment!
  2. My running shoes are…
    I alternate a few different pairs. I’ve been a Nike girl for a while, but I’m starting to branch out and try out new shoes. Currently this is my line-up: Nike Zoom Elite (speed workouts and race day), Nike Lunarglide (easy/long runs), Nike Terra Kigers (trails!).
  3. My total number of races completed (by distance). Break it down!
    Marathons – 16
    Half-Marathons – 15
    10Ks – 2
    5Ks – 4
    Ultra-Marathons – 3 (1x50m, 2x50K)
  4. My PR/PBs are…
    Marathon – 3:21:40 (Berlin 2017 – woohoo!!)
    Half-Marathon – 1:38:15 (Princess Half 2017, untrained. still have work here!)
    10K – 45:43 (Big10K 2013)
    5K – 21:42 (Bastille Day 5K 2013)Apparently I tried all sorts of new distances in 2013 and decided they were not for me!
  5. My favorite races are…
    All of the Marathon Majors have been amazing experiences, but I love me a good themed race, too!
  6. My playlist screenshot:
    Some faves – I love me some girl power. Any type of Lady Gaga, old school Britney, etc. def gets me going!
  7. My favorite motivational/inspirational quote and/or running mantra?
    I bought a bracelet a few years ago that says, “Run and Be Happy.” I always love wearing it because sometimes we get so worked up by running, training, race results, etc. It’s nice to have a reminder that we run because we enjoy it, because it makes us feel strong and empowered, and it makes us better people!
  8. The lessons I’ve learned from running are…
    Running is one of the best things to ever happen to me. It has given me a sense of empowerment and accomplishment in a way few other things have/can. At the same time, it has humbled me in ways I couldn’t have imagined when I first started running. I’ve learned you can do WAY more than you think you can. Set aggressive goals, work hard, but be patient.  When you think you can’t go any further, keep pushing and you will be amazed what your body and mind can accomplish together!
  9. My 3-5 most inspiring people are…
    1) Hands down BART YASSO! Genuine, giving, and always willing to give back to the sport. 2) The book “Life Without Limits” was one of the most inspiring reads as an endurance athlete, I have so much respect for Chrissie Wellington as an athlete and as a public figure. 3) Lauren Fleshman – she is  a leader/voice in our sport, a business-owner, and a woman with a real perspective on family/running/life.
  10. Two goals on the horizon for me are…
    Finishing the World Marathon Majors will definitely be a highlight for me! And…I’ll probably at some point talk myself into trying again to run a 3:1x:xx Marathon within the next year or two….

8 comments on “Meet Team BibRave – Co-Founder Jessica

  1. I love the “Run and Be Happy” mantra! It definitely resonates with me!


  2. The Swag Mama

    Love the mantra! And I’ll have to read Life Without Limits soon!


  3. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    The fact that you’ve only raced two 10ks surprised me! But I guess with all the marathons/half marathons/and whatnot, you’ve been busy! Do you just like the longer distances better?


    • BibRaveJess

      YES! I think running super fast scares me 🙂 And the paces I would want to run for a 10K are very intimidating!! Hehehe.


  4. Laura Mullins

    Love Chrissy’s book!!! So good. Can’t wait to watch you chase down your goals in 2018:)


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