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The BibRave Podcast Ep. 25: What’s a Run Concierge?

This week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast is here for your listening pleasure! On this episode, Tim and Julia welcome RunWESTIN Concierge and overall great guy, Chris Heuisler!

Chris has been a longtime friend of BibRave, and not only has very impressive running chops (RRCA-certified running coach, almost 30 marathons en route to one in all 50 states, etc.), but his thoughtful and incisive view of the running industry, as a Run Concierge, is really why they wanted to have him on the show.

What exactly is a Run Concierge? In short, Chris travels to various races throughout the country and helps runners navigate the race weekend – offering advice on everything from getting to the start, to racing strategy, to noting historic points on the course they should not miss. He’s seen many different types of runners and running trends, so it was great to get his take on the running world.

Show Notes:

  • Chris’ Workout of the Week – Density Metabolic: the primary focus of the workout is to enhance your ability to recruit the external obliques as they are major movers for the runner.The Circuit (4-5 sets of 8 reps per exercise, per side when applicable; weights should be heavy and challenging, but not so much where you cannot maintain form. Mindset during workout is to focus on the external obliques and their relationship with the glutes on every exercise)

    Kettle Bell Uni-Loaded Rack Squat (8x per side) – Link shows two sides, but one side at a time is what Chris reco’d

    Uni Dumb Bell Chest Press (8x per side, supine on floor)

    Renegade Row

    Kettle Bell Viking Press 

    Push-up Plank w/Shoulder Taps

    250M Row at 95-98% RPE

For those digging the sweet ukulele intro music, that comes to us from the talented musician and running coach, Matt Flaherty himself. Check out his site for more audio goodness.

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Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

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