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TCS NYC Marathon – A Spectator Guide!

Matt Kuzma, co-author of Marathon Spectator Guide, provides a quick rundown of how to spectate the TCS New York City Marathon, taking place November 4, 2018. Give it a quick read, and check-out our conversation with him on Episode 116 of The BibRave Podcast.

The TCS New York Marathon runs through all five NYC boroughs. That makes for a scenic view for the runners, but a challenging day for spectators. Given the closure of bridges and the sporadic service of the subway on a Sunday morning, we recommend sticking to just two viewpoints for a successful spectating experience.

Viewpoint #1: Between Mile 8-9 on the west side of Lafayette Avenue in Brooklyn. You will be on the runner’s left-hand side. There are wide sidewalks—good places for you to see and be seen.

Viewpoint #2: Between Mile 25-26 on the south side of 59th St.

  • You will be on the runner’s left-hand side.
  • From there, you’re a short walk from the Family Reunion site. More on this below!

Family Reunion is located on Central Park West between West 62nd and West 65th streets. Non-marathoners must enter on Broadway between West 62nd Street and West 65th Street. Open from 12:00 to 5:30 p.m., Family Reunion is organized by letter. We suggest that you reunite with your runner at the first letter of the runner’s last name. Enter the Family Reunion from Broadway at the cross-street that correlates with the letter you’ve chosen (see map). Please note that everyone entering Family Reunion will be subject to bag inspection and screening.

The wait at Family Reunion can be long. A better alternative is to meet your runner at a sports bar on Amsterdam Ave., like Amsterdam Ale House.

Other tips:

1. Bring a flag that your runner will recognize.

2. Know what colors they are wearing, so you can spot them more easily.

3. Download the official marathon app and have your desired subway stations saved in your maps app so you don’t have to look for them

4. Take lots of pictures of everything, especially your runner! They will be excited to see what you saw on race day.

5. Buy the guide for even more tips!

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  1. Awesome read and some great tips on where to spectate the race!


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