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Meet BibRave Pro – Matt Maynard!

Our BibRave Pros are a team of awesome run bloggers who run the best races and test the latest products. We asked each of our Pros to answer a few questions about themselves, their running history, and their favorite gear! If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

Name: Matt Maynard

Where I live… Uniontown, OH

I’ve been a BibRave Pro for…two years!

My running shoes are… differ by day and take up too much of my closet space.img_5031-1

My favorite race distance is… the marathon!

My running goals for 2018 are… Qualify for the Boston Marathon and continue to have fun running!

My favorite races are… the Buffalo Marathon and Akron Marathon.

My playlist includes… anything and everything! I’ll admit you will find some Taylor Swift on there.

My pre-race routine is… getting a good night sleep the night before. On race day I wake up extremely early for some reason, eat my morning breakfast consisting of Oatmeal, Banana, slice of wheat toast and cup of coffee. Then it is off to the race start line for some stretching and mingling with other runners.

My race day gear checklist includes… AfterShokz and my BibRave gear!

Why I like being a BibRave Prothe races and community of friends I’ve made.img_2882

My favorite episode of The BibRave Podcast is… all the BibRave podcasts are exceptionally good, but my favorite would be any with Meb, so episode #70 or #114.  I had the opportunity to meet Meb early on in my race career, and he is a class act.

Post-race I always… am all about pizza, preferably deep dish. I am not a post race alcoholic beverage drinker so I find a tasty electrolyte replacement beverage.

Follow Matt on social! Twitter – @mmaynard511 & Instagram –mmaynard11

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