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Winter Warmers with BUFF®️

Over the year, the BibRave Pros have been testing different BUFF® products to get them through all types of training runs. As we welcome winter, the Pros were excited to test out the new BUFF® ThermoNet range, featuring Primaloft, which is four times warmer without the bulk and weight, and allows you to hold in the heat you need without any of the moisture! It is important to dress to the conditions to ensure a comfortable run, but it is also important that you’re not peeling everything off. The BUFF® ThermoNet range sounds like it’s the perfect fit – and it happens to be pretty stylish too 😉.

So… how did the product go under the rigorous testing conditions from the Pros? They all proved to be big fans of the BUFF® ThermoNet range, especially when the weather dipped to chilly conditions. Jonathan liked the effectiveness and usefulness of the ThermoNet multifunctional headwear and hat, finding that while out on his run there wasn’t a “drip of sweat that came down into his face.”

jonathan buff

Jonathan covering up with the BUFF® ThermoNet warmth! Pic cred: Jonathan

Living in Minnesota means that layers are key for Amy, who points out that “choosing the right materials is very important,” especially when sweat drenched cotton layers freeze. So, Amy found the ThermoNet gear completely ideal as the high-warmth, lightweight ratio of the product means you “don’t need to dress bulky to stay warm.” Amy also decided to test out the multifunctional headwear using some of the “Ways to Wear” recommendations from the BUFF® guide, the results are below!


Amy & BUFF®️ 4 Ways. Pic cred: Amy

For Randy, a self-described “Hot Head”, breathability was his main concern, especially with the hat, and found that he was able to keep “the hat on for his entire run and never got uncomfortably toasty.” Randy also sent his wife out for a test run in the BUFF® ThermoNet and she also enjoyed the breathability of the gear, mentioning that she was “warm but not too warm!”

But, what if you prefer a cap or live in a warmer location?

BUFF® has a range of products that will fit your needs! The Pros tested the Pack Run Cap earlier in the year, and Gina loved the ultra lightweight, moisture-wicking and compressible features as well as the extra reflective details on the hat! Additionally, she says that the brim is designed to block the sun while out of a long run, yet still sitting quite low on your head. The cap boasts UPF material so you can go on that long run knowing you’re protected from the sun!


Gina enjoying the BUFF® Pack Run Cap. Pic cred: Gina

Make sure that you’re covered for all conditions with BUFF®! The ThermoNet range is perfect for the upcoming winter, and when it starts to thaw out or if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere tropical, give the Pack Run Cap a go!

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