BibRave: Release the Runner

The world is a crazy place right now, but despite the madness, there might be an opportunity for our sport. 

Self-isolation and gym closures means tons of people are logging miles who would not otherwise be running. That means the biggest barrier to entry for our sport – just getting started – is organically being lowered. 

We see this uptick as a critical opportunity, so we’re launching a collective movement called “Release the Runner” – a campaign aimed at mobilizing existing runners to encourage and recruit “non-runners” into the sport. This is a totally agnostic, unbranded, organic movement whereby everyone in running – races, brands, vendors, runners – can work together to grow the sport.

And we HAVE to grow the sport. With all of the cancellations and postponements, the next running season will likely have double the races occurring over the same number of weekends and vying for the same number of runners. We NEED a bigger pie, otherwise many elements of the industry will not survive. 

More info on how you can join us below. We hope many in our sport will take the pledge and work together to “Release the Runner.” 

“Release the Runner” Movement


  • Leverage existing runners and runner networks to bring NEW runners into the sport!


  • People are at home, without access to their typical exercise regime but needing to stay active, hungry for something to do.


  • Mobilize existing runners and equip them to recruit new runners into the sport by providing messaging, assets, and support.
  • Leverage the true network effect – call on runners to tap their networks of non-runners so we aren’t talking to the same people over and over.

STRATEGY: As the world flocks to social media for daily inspiration and a break from the stress and uncertainty in their lives, we have the opportunity to connect our passion for running with the non-runner’s need for physical and mental wellness by addressing and removing their barriers to participation.


  • 2 months launching 3/31, with regular messaging and assets provided by BibRave (unbranded)
  • Opportunity to extend campaign past May, pending state of the world and running


  • Launch plan & promotion of BibRave, BibRave network, and BibRave partners
  • Weekly content toolkit with weekly themes that will provide runners with specific calls-to-action to reach out to new runners, tackling various identified barriers
  • Asset development and messaging at no cost 
    • We will share content toolkits with our committed partners to make distribution to their networks frictionless. 


  • Take part in a movement/collective to get more people running, and help the sport grow
  • Provided content to keep your communities engaged
  • Opportunity to translate the growing community of runners into future opportunity
  • Agnostic movement doesn’t compete with any event or brand moment – because it is sport-specific (rather than brand- or race-specific), Release the Runner benefits everyone and works alongside any existing campaigns


  • Commit to the “Release the Runner” movement – suggested promotion include:
    • Promote the “Release the Runner” movement in at least ONE email
    • Promote “Release the Runner” content on social 1/week

NEXT STEPS, IF INTERESTED:COMPLETE this Partner Opt-In Google Form to SIGN Partner Pledge and add key POCs to receive weekly toolkits and other updates.


Check out our Press Release on Endurance Sportswire for more information.

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