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Meet Team BibRave – Andy

Hello! It’s been so fun getting to know everyone in the BibRave/#BibChat community over the last four years, so we wanted to help you get to know us a bit more. To that end, we asked each member of Team BibRave to answer a few questions about themselves and their running history. If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

  1. My main running goal for this 2017 is/was…
    •   To conquer another Marathon, specifically the Chicago Marathon. It has been two years since I last ran 26.2, and I was excited to run the streets Chi-town. Training went well, but if you listened to The BibRave Podcast (Ep. #63), you know things got a little wonky at the end. BUT, so happy to back in the scene!
  2. My running shoes are…
    •   I was in a Nike Zoom Pegasus 33, but I was looking for a shoe with a little more structure and support. I got fitted at a local store and have since switch to Brooks GTS 17.
  3. My total number of races completed (by distance). Break it down!
    •   Oh my… here we go (I know I’m missing some):
      •  Marathons – 6
      •  Half Marathons – 7
      •  10-Milers – 7
      •  15K – 2
      •  10K – 3
      •  5-Miler – 1
      •  5K – 2
      •  Trail Race – 1
  4. My PR/PBs are…
    •  Marathon – 3:45:07
    •  Half Marathon – 1:48:27
    •  10-Miler – 1:20:39
    •  15K – 1:15:45
  5. My favorite races are…
    •   I am partial to races that are 10-13 miles in distance. These just seem to click with me and feel good every time I get out on the course. There is still a fitness intensity without the extreme pressures that a marathon puts on your body. Oh – and I am a sucker for any race in Chicago!
  6. My playlist screenshot:
    •   Really, ask the former music teacher about his playlist – HA! So I love just about all music, but my running playlist is heavily influenced by the a cappella group, Pentatonix. I absolutely love their sound, their style, and their arrangements. When I’m running, I get lost in the creativity and the talent of every song.
  7. My favorite motivational/inspirational quote and/or running mantra?
    •   The only constant in our life is change. attrib. Heraclitus, Greek philosopher
  8. The lessons I’ve learned from running are…
    •   I think I have a couple that really stick with me. First, just do you! The amazing thing about this sport is that it is accessible to almost anyone, and although every race has winner, our running culture really supports the idea that the only person you are racing against is yourself. Second, my body can do WAY more than I think it can. I am constantly enamored by the concept that I can run 26.2 miles all at one time, and what’s more, that in training I am frequently running double digit mileage. I guess I just never thought I would be waking up on Saturdays and saying, “Yep, I’m going to go run 17, 18, 19, or 20 miles!”
  9. My 3-5 most inspiring people are…
    •   My parents! Cheesy as it is, my parents are the epitome of steadfast diligence. They showed me that it is okay to not always get it right, but to pick yourself up and keep moving (no literally, once my mom pushed me in the Marathon and just said, “We’ll see you at the finish!”)
    •   Elon Musk. I am intrigued by science and innovation, and I think Elon Musk is helping develop some of the most innovative technologies that will shape the world for centuries to come.
    •   Gus Kenworthy. Other than my obvious crush on his scruffily, handsome good looks, I think Gus is an amazing representative for the LGBTQ community. He is a top Olympian athlete that shows the world that the world of sports does not need to be represented by what is perceived as all straight males. He helps break down stereotypes that to be gay can also mean masculine and strong – diversifying our LGBTQ world to the masses. We (um, I) definitely love glitter, Gaga, and Grey Goose, but it can come with a side of lumberjack, nerd, or Comic-Con realness.
  10. Two goals on the horizon for me are…  
    •   1) Conquer the Walt Disney World Marathon with my bestie, Jessica! 2) Take my husband to some far away land on a vacation he’d never expect!

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4 comments on “Meet Team BibRave – Andy

  1. Jenereesa @ ScootaDoot

    Agh, you’re doing the Walt Disney World Marathon? It’s definitely on my bucket list (although I haven’t done A marathon so I think I might need to conquer that). Will you be riding Everest during?


    • andybibrave

      I’m so excited to run! I don’t know about Everest yet… sounds like something I might need to try!


  2. YAASSS – PTX!! I thought I was the only non-teenager that loves them 😁


    • andybibrave

      Oh, heck no, girl! They are amazing! I just saw them at Ravinia in Highland Park, IL right before Avi left the group. They were spectacular!


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