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The BibRave Podcast Episode #259: Understanding Pandemic Flux Syndrome

Here’s the latest episode of The BibRave Podcast, featuring long-time guest and our leading source for improved mental health, Dr. Justin Ross! 

Dr. Ross is a clinical psychologist specializing in health and wellness psychology, human performance, and sport psychology. He’s a regular on The BibRave Podcast and has been the star of some of our favorite episodes

In today’s episode, Tim and Jess talk with Dr. Ross about Pandemic Flux Syndrome – the phenomenon we’re all experiencing that features a wide range in depth and types of feelings — dulled emotions followed by anxiety and depressive spikes, the need to drastically change something about our lives, basically a teeter-totter of emotions. 

Dr. Ross helps us define and control the negative elements of Pandemic Flux Syndrome, providing interesting points of reflection and action items to take control of our minds and emotions.

This episode is sponsored by and features a really cool interview with the Founder of MANTRA Labs, Paul Janowitz. MANTRA Labs is a Texas-based nutrition brand with a social mission to improve mental health resources. MANTRA Labs hydrates better with an industry-leading 1,200+ mg of 6 electrolytes (natural oceanic electrolytes, marine minerals and vitamins) but NO sugar and nothing artificial. 

Listen to the end to hear Jess chat with Paul about MANTRA Labs as a company and sports supplement brand. As Jess and Tim discuss in the intro, MANTRA Labs has some pretty powerful options in their nutritional arsenal, so definitely check them out for your hydration, sleep, or energy needs! 

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Check ‘em out at gomantralabs.com 😎😎

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