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The BibRave Podcast Episode 253: What Does Vitamin D Even DO?

Get excited, Runners!

We’re stoked to bring you another episode of The BibRave Podcast! Today we’re welcoming back Dr. David Harmon (aka Cholesterol Dave from past episodes) to talk all about Vitamin D!

Dr. Dave gives Tim & Jess the scoop on this essential micronutrient, including the history of Vitamin D and how it’s detected and measured. They also dive into the function Vitamin D serves – why do we need it, what happens when we are deficient, and how do we make sure we get enough of this bomb vitamin (🐟🍳😉). 

This week’s episode is sponsored by Athletic Brewing – your new fav non-alcoholic beer! As runners, we love to plan our long runs on the weekends… but maybe we’d also like to enjoy a cold one or two! Check out their numerous options, get FREE shipping on two six-packs or more, and use code “BIBRAVE15” for 15% off at checkout

Show Notes:

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