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The BibRave Podcast Episode 225: The Best Races of the Decade!

What’s Up, Runners! 

This week on The BibRave Podcast, we’re talking about The Best Races of the Decade, as recently revealed on the 2020 list of The BibRave 100! 

In light of all the cancellations related to the pandemic, the 2020 list is a “A Decade in Review,” highlighting the best races of the last 10 years and giving events some much-needed good news to highlight and promote. This year’s list included the Top 20 Marathons, the Top 20 Half Marathons, the Top 20 Races of 10 Miles or Less, and other non-distance categories such as Best Virtual Race Experience and Best Race-cation. Tim, Andy, and Jess walk through the list, highlighting the different winners across categories and sharing their own personal stories with (or goals to run!) each race. 

Show Notes:

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