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BibRave Partners with Achilles International to Promote Inclusion for All Athletes

BibRave will provide promotional support for the 2022 Achilles Hope & Possibility® 4M Presented by TD Bank

BibRave, the leading endurance sports marketing agency, has worked diligently over the last several years to develop a DEI action plan that includes meaningful action to promote inclusion for all athletes. As part of this mission, BibRave recently partnered with Achilles International, a global organization that transforms the lives of people with disabilities through athletic programs and social connection, to offer promotional services for the Achilles Hope & Possibility® 4M Presented by TD Bank

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the race which is operated by New York Road Runners (NYRR). Held in the heart of New York City in Central Park, it is the largest race of its kind in the U.S., welcoming athletes of all ability levels. It embodies Achilles’ mission to break down barriers to the start line for athletes with disabilities and empower all athletes to cross the finish line. The race is held on June 26th and acts as a kickoff for July’s Disability Pride Month. 

“The BibRave team is a great example of an organization that is actively working to improve the endurance sports industry,” said Emily Glasser, President and CEO of Achilles International. “They care deeply about improving the running space for all runners and we’re proud to partner with them to promote our event and to share disability-inclusion resources with their ambassador network.”

BibRave will utilize its nationwide network of ambassadors – the BibRave Pros – to promote the Achilles Hope & Possibility® 4-Miler via authentic and organic social media and blog storytelling. On race day, BibRave Pros will be on site to participate and post about their experiences to their dedicated and engaged audiences.

“BibRave is proud to offer our marketing services to Achilles International to support this amazing event,” said Andy Wallace, V.P. of Programs and Partnerships at BibRave. “Our team is constantly striving to make the running space one that is open, inclusive, and welcoming and we’re grateful to partner with Achilles to bring that finish line feeling to all athletes.”

As part of their partnership, Achilles International will provide resources for BibRave employees and community members with the goal of creating a more inclusive environment for all runners.

Achilles will provide training to help BibRave raise awareness about Achilles’ mission to help athletes of all abilities participate and succeed in mainstream sports.

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