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BibRave Rallies Industry Thought Leaders for Change at the 2021 Race Management Program Summit

BibRave, in collaboration with Chicago Event Management, created and led think tank workshops for top running industry voices

BibRave, the leading-edge endurance and fitness marketing agency, recently partnered with Chicago Event Management (CEM) to facilitate think tank-style workshops for top industry voices from across the country at Race Management Program (RMP), which took place in Chicago, IL on August 4, 2021. BibRave organized and led two distinct brainstorming sessions for participants, resulting in numerous actionable items for race organizations to affect positive change in the endurance industry

The RMP conference is an annual meeting meant to gather and challenge the best and brightest of the running industry. This year’s conference featured a morning keynote address from Patti Flynn of Phase N Consulting, and discussion panels that informed and fueled the afternoon workshops. Morning topics were Inclusive Events, which was a conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Return to Racing, which was a discussion on key factors to consider when planning and executing an event in a COVID world.

The BibRave sessions explored the topics of DEI and Return to Racing with two think tank groups, challenging participants through a “Jobs-Pains-Gains” value proposition framework. Each group created “gain creators” or “pain relievers” through an operational, workforce, and marketing lens. At the end of the sessions, both groups shared their findings and identified actionable items to implement with the hopes of producing a positive change in the industry.

“RMP not only brings together the leading voices of the endurance industry, it also creates a sandbox opportunity, allowing those voices to connect, innovate, explore, debate, and create,” said Michael Nishi, Chief Operating Officer for CEM. “BibRave’s leadership and presence in the industry was an obvious and welcome addition. They facilitated the afternoon sessions with confidence and purpose, providing our participants with tangible takeaways.”

“BibRave supports so many facets of the running industry – from consumer-facing as well as B2B elements – so we were thrilled to contribute at RMP,” said Andy Wallace, VP of Programs and Partnerships at BibRave. “Pushing our partners and friends to think outside their comfort zone is what we do at BibRave, and RMP provides the perfect atmosphere to encourage innovation and thought leadership.”

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