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The BibRave Podcast Episode 254: Dean Karnazes: Biological Age ≠ Calendar Age

Hey, Runners!

We’re so excited to welcome Dean Karnazes to this episode of The BibRave Podcast! Dean is someone we’ve known about for a long time but have only recently gotten to know. In short, this man is a fountain of youth (which we discuss) and his latest book has so much to offer ALL types of runners or athletes.

Dean’s newest book, A Runner’s High isn’t a book about Dean’s long-distance running exploits (of which there are MANY), nor is it a book promoting distance running. But it is about the struggle of aging as our minds and bodies come into conflict, and we talk a lot about these kinds of conflicts (especially where biological age and chronological age divert).

Dean is an amazing guy with so many great stories, and he’s truly one of the best ambassadors for our sport. We hope you check out A Runner’s High and that you enjoy this episode!

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Show Notes:

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