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The BibRave Podcast Episode 248: Podcast on Podcasts!

What’s Up, Runners! 

Hope you’re ready to get a little meta with this week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast! 

Tim and Jess welcome back Episode 196’s guest and the newest member of Team BibRave, Tony Yamanaka. Tony joins this episode more as a co-host than as a guest (even though he still gets the breakfast question), and the three chat about the latest and greatest new podcasts they have been listening to. Tim and Jess are particularly excited about their new fav (gotta listen to find out), and Tony shares a few fresh choices to consider for your next long run! 

This week’s episode is sponsored by Run to Escape: Mission Mt. Olympus! The mission has begun!⚡️ Click to register for this amazing virtual experience that is sure to test your wits and legs. Remember, you can use code “BIBRAVEPODCAST” for 10% off!

Show Notes:

Results from our social poll and BibRave Ambassadors

Favorite Running Podcasts

  1. Running Times w/ Gagz
  2. The Mile You’re In – BRPodcast Phil Patterson
  3. The Ginger Runner podcast
  4. The Run Wave
  5. The Big Ass Runner podcast
  6. Ali on the Run
  7. Will Run For…
  8. Another Mother Runner
  9. The Running Rogue podcast
  10. For Your Run
  11. Citius Mag
  12. Trained
  13. Running Lean
  14. Billy Yang Podcast 
  15. The Science of Ultra
  16. Bluegrass BAMR – BRP Podcast Stephanie Boyd

Non-Running Podcasts

  1. Armchair Expert
  2. Smartless
  3. Armchair Expert
  4. Revisionist History
  5. True Crime Garage
  6. My Favorite Murder
  7. You’re Wrong About
  8. The Clip Out
  9. Armchair Expert
  10. NRR: My Favorite Murder
  11. The Moth
  12. How I Built This
  13. Death Sex & Money
  14. Ask Me Another
  15. Last Podcast on the Left
  16. Ear Biscuits
  17. Tim Ferriss Show
  18. Draftsmen
  19. Stuff You Missed in History
  20. Revolutions
  21. American Scandal
  22. American History Tellers
  23. Crime Town
  24. Family Secrets
  25. The Monkees
  26. Smartless
  27. History this week
  28. Morbid
  29. The Axe Files
  30. The Next Big Idea
  31. Art Juice
  32. Heavyweight
  33. Foundmyfitness
  34. This American Life
  35. Joe Rogan
  36. The Dr. Axe Show
  37. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!
  38. Doug Loves Movies

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Thank you,

🧡 Kim – BibRave Community & Account Coordinator

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