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The BibRave Podcast Episode 220: COVID, Vaccines, and the Future of Racing

What’s Up, Runners! 

In today’s episode, Tim, Jess, and Andy speculate on when racing will return. They not only talk about the latest news from people and organizations across the running industry, but also the best-case scenarios, worst-case scenarios, and how all this might affect new runners. The trio finishes chatting about virtual races and how those will play a role in the near and distant future. 

👉 One note of warning – some of the predictions are pretty grim. Even though the tone might be upbeat when talking about the issues, please know that the LAST thing we want is for running to be delayed any longer than absolutely necessary. But Tim, Jess, and Andy tried to be as realistic as possible. 

Show Notes:

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1 comment on “The BibRave Podcast Episode 220: COVID, Vaccines, and the Future of Racing

  1. Frank McDonald

    Thanks for episode 220! We listened to your podcast driving to an in-person race on Sunday November 1. Atlanta Track Club hosted a 10-Miler / 2.54 mile race at an auto racetrack about an hour out of town. We ran by appointment, starting in groups of 25 every five minutes, with starts spread out over 4 hours. 676 people finished one of the two races! It wasn’t the same as the usual ATL 10-Miler with thousands on the streets of midtown Atlanta, but it was a lot of fun, I felt COVID-safe, and it was fun seeing friends from a distance, hearing them cheer for me as I passed through the start/finish line on three big laps, and the excitement of racing others to the finish line at the end. I think that this will be the pattern for a while, but this was a nice change from virtual racing. Just wanted to share my optimism!


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