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The BibRave Podcast Episode 217: Navigating Uncertainty – With Dr. Justin Ross

Hey there, BibRave peeps! 🧡

We’re happy to welcome Dr. Justin Ross back to The BibRave Podcast this week! Dr. Ross has been a regular guest on the show, and as a clinical psychologist specializing in health & wellness psychology, human performance, and sports psychology. We were extremely interested in his thoughts and guidance on navigating uncertainty in the times of COVID-19. 

Tim and Jess cover a range of topics with Dr. Ross (starting with an AMAZING breakfast sandwich recipe!). They talk about role confusion (hello parents-as-teachers!) and the resulting anxiety, modeling resiliency especially for our kids, co-workers, and partners, dealing with fear, and redefining values when there are no races on offer. 

Show Notes:

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🧡 Kim – BibRave Account Coordinator

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