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The BibRave Podcast Episode 201: Fast Women with Alison Wade

Hey there, BibRave peeps! šŸ§”

On this weekā€™s episode of The BibRave Podcast, we bring you a conversation with Alison Wade, creator of the Fast Women newsletter.

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Alison has been in the industry for years, and through her relentless consumption of news and information aboutā€¦ well, fast womenā€¦ she has a wealth of knowledge and perspective on the issues that face women in the sport. The trio talks about everything from barriers facing women coaches to coverage of women in sport. And, of course, they discuss the diversity, equity, and inclusion issues facing womenā€™s running.

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Show Notes:

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Thanks, and hope you enjoy!

šŸ§” Kim – BibRave Account Coordinator

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