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The BibRave Podcast Episode 197: Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion with Ted Metellus

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On this week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast, we bring you a special conversation about race, diversity, equity, and inclusion between Tim, Jess, and Ted Metellus from New York Road Runners. You may remember Ted from Episode 74 when he shared background and insight on the quick and amazing work that was done to re-work the course of Rock ‘n’ Roll Las Vegas Marathon in 2017 so the race could take place just a few weeks after the Las Vegas shootings. His knowledge and experience in the industry is unparalleled, and we enjoy diving deeper with him in this conversation.

The conversation starts with a chat about Ted’s experience growing up in the Bronx and then going to college where he became the OBG – Only Black Guy – in the room. We fast forward to how that has translated to his 20 or so years of experience in the running industry often being the OBG and traveling all over the country to host events in different markets. They talk about “signaling” and “tokenism,” and specifically discuss steps the white community can take to affect change. 

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Show Notes:

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