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Meet BibRave Pro – Jennifer Thiel!

Our BibRave Pros are a team of awesome run bloggers who run the best races and test the latest products. We asked each of our Pros to answer a few questions about themselves, their running history, and their favorite gear! If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

Name: Jennifer Thiel

Where I live… Saint Paul, MN.

I’ve been a BibRave Pro for… this is my first year.

My running shoes are… Brooks Ghosts!

My favorite race distance is… the marathon!

My favorite races are… Twin Cities Marathon weekend races.IMG_20180324_111632

My playlist includes… Hamilton soundtrack, Hamilton Mixtape, and early 2000s pop.

My pre-race routine… laying out my clothes the night before, trying to get some sleep, then oatmeal and coffee for breakfast, and pre-race cuddles with my dog Vinnie for good luck.

My race day gear checklist includes… my Garmin watch, bluetooth headphones, Flipbelt, C9 shorts from Target, 2017 TCM Fitsocks, and Nuun.

Why I like being a BibRave Pro… I’m super excited to try out new gear and races, plus I’ve loved #Bibchat since I discovered it over a year ago.

My favorite episode of The BibRave Podcast is… The BibRave Podcast Ep. 69: 4 Yrs of BibRave! Plus Tons o’ Turkey Talk – so much delicious Thanksgiving food talk!

Post-race I always eat… brunch- either waffles or eggs benedict!

Follow Jennifer on social! Twitter – @JenniferLThiel & Instagram –jennifer.l.thiel


1 comment on “Meet BibRave Pro – Jennifer Thiel!

  1. Meridith

    Yay Jennifer! Great learning even more about you. And of course, there had to be a picture with VINNIE!


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