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Meet Team BibRave – Carolyn

Hello! It’s been so fun getting to know everyone in the BibRave/#BibChat community over the years, so we wanted to help you get to know us a bit more. To that end, we asked each member of Team BibRave to answer a few questions about themselves and their running history. If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below! 

  1.  My main running goal for 2019 is… to get back to running a few mid-distance races. I spent last year focusing on 5k and 10k races, so I could get back to a few other forms of fitness. Now I’m ready to get some longer distance training into my life. I’m eyeballing a few races for the fall, and I will make a decision soon… stay tuned!
  2.  My running shoes are… Brooks Ghost. I discovered this shoe about 5 years ago, and it has been my go-to ever since.
  3.  My favorite race distance is… currently my favorite distance is the half marathon. I think it’s a nice distance to incorporate a long training plan, but short enough where you can push your speed.
  4.  My pre-race checklist includes… eating overnight oats (with a big scoop of nut butter) and coffee before heading to the event. I like to get to the race a little early so I can wake up my legs by doing a few warm-up drills before the race begins.
  5.  My favorite races are… the Chicago Marathon will always hold a special place in my heart for all the energy it gives on race day. However, now that I live in Southern California, I enjoy running shorter distances while having an opportunity to explore new cities. Two of my favorites include the Santa Barbara Wine Country Half and Carlsbad 5000. Both races have unique courses (I mean who wouldn’t love running through wine vineyards or along the Pacific Ocean!) while showcasing the SoCal lifestyle.
  6. Post-race I always…  head for the closest breakfast burrito… with avocado and salsa.
  7.  My playlist includes… I am really into listening to podcasts for training runs (currently obsessed with Ali on the Run), but for a race, there is nothing like a power song to get you through a tough spot. My racing playlist includes more pop songs than I should admit to.
  8. My favorite motivational/inspirational quote and/or running mantra… Relaxation is Power. I love using this when I need a reminder to relax my shoulders, unclench my jaw and breathe. It always helps me let go of the thoughts in my head and get back to power mode.
  9. The top lessons I’ve learned from running are… Find the balance in running that works for you. For me that includes incorporating time for power yoga and strength work as well as running with friends. I really wish I had focused on all three of these aspects much sooner in my running journey.
  10.  Two goals on the horizon for me are… 1. Making mobility training a part of my life every day (which is much harder than it sounds) in an effort to utilize strength better. 2. Keep training like a woman by incorporating a training, nutrition, and  hydration plan that caters to my needs, not others.

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3 comments on “Meet Team BibRave – Carolyn

  1. Burritos with salsa and avocado!! Yessss!!! 😀


  2. Ken Stands on Things

    Brooks Ghost are pretty awesome!


  3. Brooks Ghost are also my go-to shoe as well!


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