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Meet Team BibRave – Don

Hello! It’s been so fun getting to know everyone in the BibRave/#BibChat community over the years, so we wanted to help you get to know us a bit more. To that end, we asked each member of Team BibRave to answer a few questions about themselves and their running history. If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below! 

  1.  My main running goal for 2019 is… I am really focusing on functional strength for my 2019 season. I plan to run at least one race over 200 miles this year, and functional strength will play a big role in keeping my body healthy.
  2.  My running shoes are… Never around for long… big miles means a short life cycle for my shoes. I do love a nice wide toebox, too.
  3.  My favorite race distance is… 100+  miles.
  4.  My pre-race checklist includes… A few egg sandwiches about 2 hours before the start, a cup of coffee or two, and cranking up a few special songs to get the juices flowing.
  5.  My favorite races are… Somewhere I can explore something new and take in beautiful scenery. I like to plan my races around traveling somewhere new and spend a few days after the race taking in the sites. My favorite experience along those lines was the 2017 Spartathlon in Greece.
  6. Post-race I always…  Find a good beer and start thinking about what’s next.
  7.  My playlist includes… A lot of audio books while running on the paved paths. I enjoy nature’s playlist while on trails- birds chirping and leaves rustling.
  8. My favorite motivational/inspirational quote and/or running mantra… “The Day will come when you can no longer do this…. TODAY IS NOT THAT DAY”
  9. The top lessons I’ve learned from running are… There’s always more to give. Even when you think you’re done, keep going and you’ll find a way.
  10.  Two goals on the horizon for me are… Explore new physical limits of running distances and winning a 100 mile race.

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2 comments on “Meet Team BibRave – Don

  1. That picture is dope! Jealous of those views


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