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Andy sets the pace at the Honolulu Marathon

Well, it has begun… my Marathon training journey for the 2018 Honolulu Marathon has kicked off this week. I have to say, 6 months ago I wouldn’t have been as excited to start training for my 8th Marathon. I definitely had fallen out of “love” with the 26.2 distance, especially after my huge BONK in Chicago 2017. It was only after some friendly encouragement (thanks, Jess & Tim 😉) and an amazing opportunity that I was convinced to give it another go.

AS convoAfter I learned I would be pacing AfterShokz’s CMO Kim Fassetta, and I would be getting a running coach in Chris Heuisler, Global RunWestin Concierge and former Freaky Friday actor (IMDB it!), I was over the moon for a chance to travel to Hawaii and lace up for another go at a Marathon. This left me reflecting on what Marathon experiences I had in the past and what I wanted to get out of this new journey. So hence, I share: what I know, what I want to know, and what I’m feeling about the process.

What I Know

Since I’ve been through this seven times, I do feel confident in a couple of things. First, I know I can do it! I’ve completed numerous other training programs and races, and I know what to expect mentally and physically. Second, I know what to expect from a training schedule. The schedule of running four times a week with the long run on the weekend isn’t at all foreign to me, and I know that means a solid time commitment. Lastly, I know I have the support of my husband, family, and friends to get through this amazing experience, and having that cheering section is crucial (especially since my love language is Words of Affirmation).

What I Want to Know

This opportunity showed me that I still have volumes to learn about my running! First, I want to know what it will be like to work with a coach. How hard will he push me out of my comfort zone? Will we jive in terms of motivation? Will we trust each other? All these questions filled my thoughts… until I talked with Chris. Chris walked me through everything he was thinking to help me become a stronger runner and reliable pacer for Kim. Plus, he’s just a pretty amazing dude – athlete, coach, businessman, dad, husband, oh, and former Freaky Friday actor (did I mention that before?).

AS convo 2I also want to know how Kim is feeling about the process – this is her first Marathon experience after all. We’ve had the chance to Skype, text, and even spend time together in Chicago, and it seems like we’ve known each other for a long time. I know some of her nervous thoughts and some of her naiveté to 26.2, but I want to know what she is feeling when we’re in the thick of training. This will help me support all the ups and downs we face when we are side by side on the Honolulu course.

The last thing I want to know… what will I wear for the Marathon?! I need to start planning my outfit like stat! The one thing I can tell you is my hair will be styled to the max – category is… Hairspray Realness 💁‍♂️!

What I’m Feeling About the Process

Oh boy… nervous, anxious, excited, eager, motivated – it’s like a burrito of anticipation adjectives all rolled up together. But really I feel fortunate to have this amazing opportunity to experience this journey at this time in my life. I could be doing so many different things, and this special moment found its way to my feet!


I know the journey is going to be full of the highs and lows that come from the physical and mental rigor of Marathon training. And you know what? I’m ready! Make sure you follow me on social to track my training miles, check in on that duck-faced pic on my IG story, or to get valuable hairstyling tips for race day LOL! Lastly, you should join my adventure by joining our #262squad and checking out the AfterShokz #262squad Marathon Training Experience, powered by BibRave. And even if you can’t make it to Hawaii (although you totally should!), this comprehensive program is great for any Marathon and is full of amazing content like audio-guided runs, weekly training plan e-mails, and tons of tips & tricks for gettin’ it done out on the roads and trails! Here’s to 18 more weeks of training – see you on the flip side, runners!

5 comments on “Andy sets the pace at the Honolulu Marathon

  1. Run Andy! Glad you’re doing this. See ya’ in October unless you’re not around!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kelly Herron

    Can’t wait to meet you there! Aloha! #262squad

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    • andybibrave

      It’s going to be such an awesome experience! Can’t wait to meet you too!


  3. andybibrave

    So excited for Honolulu! Yes, I’ll be cheering you on in October!


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