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Meet BibRave Pro – Brad Zinnecker

Our BibRave Pros are a team of awesome run bloggers who run the best races and test the latest products. We asked each of our Pros to answer a few questions about themselves, their running history, and their favorite gear! If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

20170819_163445Name: Brad Zinnecker

Where I live… Macedon, NY

I’ve been a BibRave Pro for… 4 years

My running shoes are… I rotate several pairs: Brooks, Montrail, Salomon

My favorite race distance is… Anything from 1 mile to 50K

My running goals for 2018 are… Getting back to longer distance racing (over half marathon) and dropping some more weight.

My favorite races are… Bangtail Divide, MT; any race in Mendon Ponds Park, NY; TNF ECS.

My playlist includes… An eclectic mix of post rock, classic rock, Christian rock, classical, and even some John Denver.

My pre-race routine… Starts a couple days before making sure I have the supplies, gear, and clothes I want ready for race day.  Then getting a good night’s sleep the night before the race and making sure everything I will need is prepped, including hydration sources brewed, mixed, and bottled, checking weather once again, and setting my alarm.  Day of, getting up early enough to eat something, but not too much and not too much coffee. Making sure I have directions and arriving plenty early for parking, packet pick-up, going to the bathroom, and warming up.

My race day gear checklist includesBUFF, Gin-gins, Sportland Tea, Tailwind

Why I like being a BibRave ProThe opportunity to try new races, gadgets, and food!

My favorite episode of The BibRave Podcast is… Episode 23 with Mike Wardian!

Post-race I always… Honestly, unless my family comes to the race, which does occasionally happen, I usually eat and after results are posted, leave.  If I know someone at the race or if it’s a short one, I might stick around for the awards ceremony. The best after dinner meal venue was outside of Butte, MT when I raced a 14K trail race on the continental divide and then we sat on the lawn of a cross country ski hut/house with mountains all around us on a beautiful day in June.

Follow Brad on social! Twitter –  @zbultra & Instagram – zbultra

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