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A Sneak Peek at GODSPEED: The Race Across America

I am by no means a cyclist – in fact, I don’t even own a bike – but some documentaries know how to speak to the athlete inside us all. Recently, Team BibRave and several BibRave Pros were given a sneak peek to watch a new movie, GODSPEED: The Race Across America, brought to you in partnership with the Rudy Project. So get ready to click into high gear as we share some highlights and info about the film.

The Race Across America – WHA?!

godspeed countryIt’s true! The Race Across America, or RAAM, is touted as “The World’s Toughest Bicycle Race!,” and teams up riders as they pedal from California to Maryland. Lasting seven days, teams trade off (Ragnar-style for those runners out there) riding legs of the journey. 3000 miles, 12 states, up to 8 team members, 1 mission – win the race! And, each team is pedaling for a good cause, annually raising about two million dollars for charity. 

Who is crazy enough to do this?

GODSPEED guysNow, on to the movie! In GODSPEED, we get to watch Jerry Schemmel (radio personality and ultra-cyclist) and Brad Cooper (CEO and IronMan) team up, work, encourage, struggle, motivate, sacrifice, and inspire one another (and us, the audience, too!) as they battle crazy weather extremes, bike malfunctions, and wrong turns. The sense and bond of teamwork is palpable. “Just when you think you are at your limit, you learn a lot about yourself,” shares Brad. And Jerry adds, “I wanted to challenge myself as an athlete and an endurance cyclist.” And these moments resonate with all athletes – cyclists, runners, however you identify.

Pulling into Motivation Station

A big takeaway from this viewing experience, without giving too much away, is being inspired to challenge yourself physically and mentally, all while being paired with a partner to share the journey. Every joy and triumph, woe and worry is shared as the camaraderie propels us to the epic finish… and that you’ll have to see for yourself 😉.  I should mention there were some prevalent faith-related moments, but they totally supplement the storytelling by deepening your understanding of what motivates these two humans to conquer this quest. And although I say above that the mission is to win the race, the reality of any ultra-sporting feat is often just perseverance and survival. So many of us know that feeling all too well. 

Get the popcorn poppin’…

So… time to plan a date with inspiration on May 22! Check with your local theaters as Fathom Events presents special viewings across the nation of GODSPEED: The Race Across America. Even if cycling isn’t your thing, step outside your comfort zone to be motivated to challenge what you know is possible! Come on… at least watch the trailer!

For a more detailed interview with Brad and Jerry, check out this week’s episode of The BibRave Podcast – Episode 91! And, check out what some of our Pros thought as well: BRP Angie’s ReviewBRP Andrea’s Review.

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