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Simply Safe: Runner Safety 101

Well folks, BibRave Safety Month is coming to a close and we’ve had amazing conversations about how to stay safe out there on the roads and trails. A big shout-out to our partners at AfterShokz and Brilliant Reflective for all their great tips and tricks for runners as well! But there’s still a lot of 2018 left, so don’t let February be the only time you consider your personal runner safety.

Let’s take some time to reflect on what we learned this month. Ready, class – here we go!


Lesson 1 – Be Prepared 

BibRave SAFETY Month Be Prepared IG

It may seem obvious, but we’ve learned that a lot of runners still could do more to be more prepared out on the run. Jess and Tim shared 5 essential tips for being prepared in our Facebook Live session:


  1. Think bright, use light 🔦 – Winter is dark, people! Utilize light sources like handhelds or headlamps for your early morning or evening runs.
  2. Don’t be a broke Jane Doe! – Make sure you’re carrying some form of identification on your run, and it’s always a good idea to have your phone and a little bit of money in case of emergencies. At the very least, share your running plans/routes with family and friends.
  3. Motivation station 🎶 – Nothing kills your motivation to get out the door more than your gear not being ready to go! So, make sure you prep all your stuff beforehand – charge those devices and lay out those clothes. Then, rock those tunes (or an awesome podcast) with your AfterShokz headphones, offering you the opportunity to take in great audio content while still being aware of your surroundings.
  4. Pepper spray realness – Now, this may not be legal in your state, but many runners run with some sort of perp deterrent like pepper spray. Pro Tip: make sure you learn how to operate the device, so you don’t end up in the line of fire. Also, don’t forget the benefits of taking some kick-ass self-defense classes.
  5. Reflect on your run – Make sure other people can see YOU. One of the best ways to do this is to make sure your clothing is reflecting light back to other runners, bikers, or drivers. Brilliant Reflective strips turn any garment or gear into an immediately visible item 👍.

Whether it is with running gear or with a running group, make sure you make a plan to stay prepared (and motivated!) for your run.


Lesson 2 – Be Aware

BibRave SAFETY Month Be Aware IG

Runner awareness is so important for our sport. We share the roads and trails with all sorts of folks and fauna (👈 animals, people). Make sure you don’t completely tune out on the run – look for other runners, bikers, and drivers, be aware of shared public spaces like parks and public restrooms, and give respect and space to animals (even if they are on a leash). Nothing could be a more powerful message for runner awareness and safety than actual testimonials from runners like Kelly Herron (of Not Today Mothef@#!cker), who shared her story with us on The BibRave Bonus Mile: Safety Edition. A definite must-listen – inspiring, captivating, motivating, enough said.

Awareness means allowing all of your senses to be “in the game” on the run, and to be honest, experiencing the run through these senses is actually quite rewarding. Observe and appreciate your environment for its beauty. Listen to the sounds of your run like the splashes of a wave or the bustle of an urban city. Smell the crisp air of a morning run and feel the cool breeze on your skin. Taste… hmm, thought I was on a roll here, but don’t go around tasting things on your run – maybe just some water from a drinking fountain (or bubbler if you’re from Wisconsin 🧀).


Lesson 3 – Be Seen

BibRave SAFETY Month Be Seen IG

We’ve already shared above that it is so important for runners to carry illuminating devices and to gear up with reflective material like Brilliant Reflective strips, but there are some other easy tips to being seen. Wear BRIGHT colors like BibRave orange, LOL – 1) other people will see you, and 2) you will probably look pretty cool (neon is all the rage right now).

Also, make eye contact with other runners, bikers, and drivers to ensure that they see you. This non-verbal communication can be key for your safety. Bottom line, never assume everyone can see you and always prepare for the unexpected.


Lesson 4 – Be Open

BibRave SAFETY Month Be Open IG

So, what does being open even have to do with safety? I think that being open means being willing to try new things that will make you a better and safer runner. I think that being open means being honest with yourself about your past habits, good or bad. And, I think being open means being gracious enough to share your personal tips and running experiences with your family, friends, and running community so that we can continue to educate and cultivate a safer running space.


So, class is over… don’t worry, there won’t be a quiz 😉. Thank you for a great February, runners. It was YOU that helped generate and share such great content around BibRave Safety Month. Thanks again to AfterShokz and Brilliant Reflective for teaming up with us! And, keep sharing your tips and stories here or share with us on social! Simply said… stay SAFE!

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