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Meet BibRave Pro – Lindsey McRoberts

Our BibRave Pros are a team of awesome run blogger who run the best races and test the latest products. We asked each of our Pros to answer a few questions about themselves, their running history and their favorite gear! If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

Name: Lindsey McRoberts

Where I live… Manhattan, Kansas

I’ve been a BibRave Pro for… 1+ years

My main running goal for 2018 is: Stay healthy! This means both with my nutrition, training, and avoiding injury.

My running shoes are… I typically wear Brooks GTS on the road, but I am tinkering with other shoe brands for the trails. Having a wide foot (mostly in the toes area) makes it interesting to find shoes that fit me well.

My favorite race distance is: My favorite distance to go out and run is the Half Marathon. I typically have those miles on my legs from week to week – so jumping into a Half Marathon isn’t too difficult. My favorite race distance to train for is the 50K. I have a few coming up this year in preparation for my 100m in September 🙌!

My pre-race routine is: wake up way too early, take my meds (at least 30 minutes before I can eat anything), go to the bathroom, get dressed while the coffee pot is brewing, prep my Tailwind (if not prepared the night before), sip on my coffee (while I try to keep my nerves from getting the best of me), go to the bathroom, grab something to snack on in the car (usually a banana), drive to the start, get to know the area, use the bathroom, line up and go!

My favorite races are… My favorite races are on the trails – trail miles are my happiest miles! I love the challenge and physical demands of the trails. I also really enjoy pacing races (road)! I get to know so many runners and lifelong running buddies that I wouldn’t have otherwise interacted with and learn about new races or areas to run.

My playlist consists of… Mother nature… or podcasts (Another Mother Runner, The Ginger Runner, Trail Runner Nation, Heartland Running, Run Selfie Repeat, BibRave Podcast, and many more!).

My race day gear checklist includes:

  • Essentials : top, bra, bottom, socks, shoes, hair tie, charged cell phone
  • Extras (always on hand anyway!): BRP trucker/hat, handheld water bottle or hydration vest, charged Aftershokz headphones, BUFF® wrap, liquid fuel, solid fuel, charged Garmin, inspiring Momentum wrap, KT tape, Qalo ring ………… and that is about it (frankly, I am still probably missing things, ha!!)

Why I like being a BibRave Pro – I love the community and the support from Pros around the world! If you ever have a question about ANYTHING, you can post it and see what people have to say. Everyone is courteous and respectful – which helps when there are so many opinions thrown into the ring.

My favorite episode of The BibRave Podcast is: The Bart Yasso episode. I listened to this podcast more than a couple times in my first 50K – Bart is such an inspiring person and we all can learn so much from his attitude towards running!

Post-race I always eat… Um…food? I don’t have a specific post-run routine…but I probably should : ) At a race, I will eat whatever they provide – fruit, bread, water, drinks, etc. When I am home, I usually have a post-run protein shake or smoothie.

Follow Lindsey on social! Twitter – @Livinglovingrun  & Instagram Livinglovingrunner

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