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Meet BibRave Pro – Mark Davidhizar

Our BibRave Pros are a team of awesome run blogger who run the best races and test the latest products. We asked each of our Pros to answer a few questions about themselves, their running history and their favorite gear! If you have any comments or additional questions, let them know below!

Name: Mark Davidhizar

Where I live… Wakarusa, IN (Population 2,000)

I’ve been a BibRave Pro for… 2 years

My main running goal for 2018 is: To get my marathon time back down under 3 hours. It has been since 2014 since I have ran that fast!

My running shoes are… Currently I wear Nike and Under Armor HOVR.

My favorite race distance is: I love the marathon distance. I feel it’s the race that tests your endurance both physically and mentally.

My pre-race routine is: Typically I start by drinking a protein shake and eating a cinnamon raisin bagel. I also do a warm-up. For a short race, usually it’s a mile warm-up. For a marathon, I usually use the first couple miles of the race. I always listen to Enter Sandman by Metallica before every race.

My favorite races are… Boston Marathon, Indianapolis Monumental Marathon, Vermont City Marathon, Urban Bourbon Half Marathon, Glass City Marathon, Carmel Marathon, and Chicago Marathon!

My playlist consists of… It’s a large mix of anything I can download on Amazon Prime Music for free! This includes any type of music except for Country 🚫🤠.

My race day gear checklist includes: a singlet, compression shorts, Orange Mud Hydraquiver with electrolytes, CarbBoom energy gels, BUFF®, compression socks, shoes, AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones, and Oofos sandals for recovery.

Why I like being a BibRave Pro – For me, it’s about the community and meeting new runners from around the country.  I have built great friendships with other runners that I probably would have never met outside of the BibRave program.

My favorite episode of The BibRave Podcast is –  I have a few favorites! Episode 7 with Boston Marathon Run Director Dave McGillivary, Episode 8 with Urban Bourbon Race Director Michael Clemons, and Episode 9 with Bart Yasso!  

Post-race I always eat… differs from race to race, depends on what the post-race food provided by the race is.  Some of my favorites include pizza (prefer deep dish), and ice cream.  At a couple of races, I do make it a point to go to get frozen yogurt after the finish.  Also, if I feel like I need salt, I will stop at the closest convenience store to buy a bag of Doritos (Nacho Cheese!).  
Follow Mark on social! Twitter – @daddydidyouwin  & Instagram – daddydidyouwin

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